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Logo Designer at Work


We are aware of the importance of the logo, which is the foundation of the visibility of your business. Therefore, our goal is to provide a high quality and unique logo that will represent and accompany your business on the path to success.

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Corporate visual identity

A corporate visiual identity is the main and first contact of a company with your customer. It is a very important graphic element in the structure of a company, as it introduces you to the world. So we create (for you) a unique high quality logo, business cards, mailing lists, etc.

In step with the times, the graphic elements that we increasingly need for marketing campaigns have also adapted. We offer support for marketing advertising through social media, email or Google ads. By agreement, we provide a one-time service for you, or we offer you support at a continuous level with:

  • banners / ads

  • mailing graphics

  • ads for social networks

  • designing graphical interfaces

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