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It all starts with Design

The website is a mirror of your company, so we will make sure that its perfect look reflects all your competitive advantages and puts you ahead of the current competition.

We will do our best to make your website adapt to all the devices used by today’s customers.

Digital Sketching


The web offers a number of advertising tools and a variety of techniques that we can use to increase your visibility, demand, sales, direct contact with potential customers and upgrade relationships with existing ones. We will advise you the right strategy for you and your company.


We believe that attractive visuals intertwined with fun and sophisticated texts catch the consumer’s eye. Our creative team will make sure you stand out from the crowd and that you will be noticed.

Creative Thoughts
Call Center Employee


We are attentive and responsible to our customers, so we offer you constant support, quick response and comprehensive advice at all times. We are aware that there are more and more useful tools to stimulate demand online almost every day, so we are constantly on the lookout for those that will be ideal for you. Time will not overtake us and our customers.


Special attention should be paid to design, as the purchase of an individual product or service often depends on a modern and pleasant graphic image. Our creative team will take care of website design, social media posts, media posts, ads and videos, animations and illustrations.

Design Webpage
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Based on many years of experience, we are perfecting the process of quickly creating websites without sacrificing the quality of the final product. Our team is constantly expanding and educating about the latest technologies, which is also reflected in our products.

Business handshake

website  is the fundamental basis of your operation in the market

I-Rock Videoprodukcija is an agency for integrated online presence, so we are committed to advise each client on the activities that will be necessary to achieve the set business goals after the publication of the website.

Clients who, in addition to creating a website, also entrusted us with the implementation of marketing activities, including video production, achieve significantly better results in the same time frame than those who combine different performers. 

An example of a website that we designed and prepared for a client.

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